About Reiki Healing?

Hello, I'm Christine.


I've dedicated my life to bringing out the best in people. I'm a problem solver. I trained in Reiki Healing because I wanted tools to help me solve people's problems. I became a Reiki Master because I wanted tools to teach people how to solve their own problems. When is a problem a problem? It's when you don't like it, don't want it or can't cope with it. Using my problem solving methods alongside Reiki Healing Energy, I've facilitated people to resolve their issues and have a significantly better quality of life.


It's my intent to inspire people to make Reiki Healing a part of their lives every day, whether they're new to Reiki or have had Reiki before. When you have Reiki in your life it gives you an advantage - it gives you an edge in dealing with life.


When things are tough, when you're ill or stressed, when you feel hurt, when you're experiencing loss or personal difficulty, your Reiki will help you.


So whether you want to come to a Reiki Exchange and try Reiki for yourself or you'd like some sessions, whether you'd like to feel less stressed or to learn to do Reiki for yourself, come and be inspired. Take that first step. I know you'll love Reiki and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you...

Christine Green

Reiki Master Teacher

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